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Leah Nowicki LPC-MHSP

Licensed Professional Counselor.

Mental Health Service Provider Designation.

Services for 18 years or older.

Individual Counseling.

Relational Issues



Emotional Disterbance

Spiritual or Religious Issues

Career Related Issues


Women's Issues

Life Coaching

Family Conflict

Phase of Life Issues

Large Life Transitions

Family Related Issues


About Leah

Welcome to Traverse Counseling! My name is Leah Nowicki, and I’m so glad you’ve found us. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with individuals and specialize in incorporating a Christian viewpoint into therapy. I love helping clients identify areas of beliefs that go against God’s nature of love, so they can live free of fear and hopelessness!  Most of my clients are young adults and adults. Many clients specifically seek my approach of counseling to work through past emotional hurts, current life changes, college and relational stress, anxiety, depression, and areas of life where they feel stuck. 

Although I often incorporate Christian values and beliefs into therapy,  I also focus on attachment issues.  Childhood emotional wounds play a critical role in how adults view themselves and the world around them. By working through past wounds, a client can know that regardless of what they learned as a child, they are loved, valuable, important, and worthy.   I have a self self-pay at a rate of $100 a session. You can call your insurance company to see if I’m in-network.  My heart was built to encourage people. If you’re looking for encouragement during a difficult time, this is the right place for you.


Give therapy a chance. Give me a call. You’ve come this far. Let’s take the next step together!


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