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Bill Moore LPC-MHSP

Licensed Professional Counselor.

Mental Health Service Provider Designation.

Services for 18 years or older.

Individual or Couples Counseling.

Relational Issues



Couples Couseling

Spiritual or Religious Issues

Career Related Issues


Men's Issues

Trauma or PTSD

Family Conflict


Large Life Transitions

Mood Disorders


About Bill

Many times in life we are faced with challenges that we did not expect or even see coming. We may not have the personal experience or the background to know how to handle or cope with the situation. It may involve a life change or a lot of emotional pain. We may feel that our life will never be the same. Sometimes we may feel that our life is over. We may not know what the next move needs to be. Maybe we just need an environment where we can work through the emotional pain.  Maybe it is time to get a new direction in life.


As a mental health therapist, I like to get to know people and understand how they think. I like to learn about their background and where they came from. Once this has been established we can better understand the challenges that are facing them. We can work together to find a solution that will better change their life. Although the process can be difficult at times it is an opportunity for growth.

For the past sixteen years, I have worked with adults struggling with issues in individual, couples, or group therapy. This may involve using techniques to be able to see things differently or a better understanding of who we are. Sometimes we just need someone to listen as we process what is going on in our life. It is my goal to offer support and guidance to individuals as they learn how to cope with life’s challenges. It takes courage to ask for help. But remember seeking help from a counselor is like taking a class or getting help from a friend. Many times we try to get help from others in life, but they may not be trained to help. Maybe it is time to get help from someone that has been trained and has a passion to help. If you are having trouble with changes in life or just want to make a change, give me a call at Traverse Counseling to set up an appointment.


Give therapy a chance. Give me a call. You’ve come this far. Let’s take the next step together!


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