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Protecting Your Mental Health During Crisis

I am sure your social accounts, emails, and other forms of media are flooded with articles and videos about the events surrounding COVID-19. In light of this, I took time to sift through the wave of information and want to share some resources I have found to be therapeutically sound (and avoid fear-mongering). You can find the resources below:

This article contains reviews practical ways to create boundaries that will protect your mental state during a crisis:

In this podcast episode Dr. Baruch Fischhoff, PhD explains why we fear new realities, specifically in regards to physical health. He also goes into a detailed explanation of how to mitigate this fear. This podcast episode is endorsed by the American Psychological Association:

This PDF download provided by the UK Mental Health Association is not pandemic specific, and therefore uses some less triggering phrasing. I found it to be very grounding and solid advice for managing increased anxiety: Overcome fear and anxiety - Mental Health Foundation

This brief article provided by the American Psychological Association gives a clear and succinct lens for a grounded view of pandemics:

This Australian publication reviews ways to remain connected socially while still contributing to "social distancing" suggestions. The softer language in the middle and end of this article really sat well with me:

This article by the American Psychological Association focuses a bit more on adequate preparation for what we are experiencing in our communities, as well as practical ways to keep balance in your life. The language is starker than I care for, but the advice is solid:

As this progresses, I will continue to add to this list in hopes to provide information that is palatable and helpful. At Traverse, our top priority is the well-being of our clients, employees and the communities we serve. We will continue to offer our services in the safest ways possible and will remain here for our community. Let us know if you have any questions!

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