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The Counselor's Corner

Hello everyone! I wanted to update you on a few things going on at Traverse. We will do posts similar to this one on a monthly basis in an effort to update you on the practice, highlight local organizations promoting wellness, provide you with enriching resources, and share other information pertaining to you and your healthcare. Each edition of The Counselors Chair will also include a book of the month recommendation, thoughts for encouragement, and how to get connected with our practice. We hope you enjoy this edition of The Counselor’s Chair!

Practice Updates

The Vlog and Podcast - We just uploaded our latest episode of the Counselor’s Chair to both Youtube and Apple/Android Podcast platforms. In this episode Andrew and myself explore the ins and outs of living and coping with depression. This podcast is the first of a two-part series that further explores my blog article, "20 Ways to Fight Depression," by digging deeper into the felt experience of depression and its impact on our lives. There was so much to talk about within this topic that we decided to record a "Part Two" which will be released in the next couple of days.

We are also looking forward to having our first guest, Charlie Mizer, on the show. Charlie is the President of East West Digital Media and a devoted family man. Andrew, Charlie, and I will explore ways in which friendship can move you forward in life. We will discuss how surrounding yourself with the right people can influence you towards positive living, sticking with change, and take healthy risks. We will also uncover how toxic friendships can work against your overall success. If you enjoy dad jokes and sincere, thoughtful reflection, it should be a good time.

We hope to keep these coming to you on a 2-3 week basis. Andrew and I have both admitted to having plenty of discussable content and we are excited to keep new and fresh material headed your way. We will be using these platforms for psychoeducation, book reviews, interviews, resource highlights, and tutorials. Use the links below for direct access to our Podcast and YouTube Channels.

Social Media - We recently launched our social media accounts and have been excited by the quick following and support we have received. We are using these venues to provide encouragement, education, and updates on Traverse’s staff and services. You can find us on:

Google My Business

Community Connections

Recently our staff have been fortunate to visit with two different community organization representatives. We wanted to take the opportunity to let you know about these organizations and provide you with some information about their services.

The Middle Path:

The Middle Path, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) founded on the principles and skills of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), proudly offers, “holistic therapy for your body, mind and spirit.” Plainly stated on their website, the staff hopes their unique approach to therapy “can support healing” for “anyone who finds him or herself having difficulty regulating painful emotions or maintaining positive and satisfying relationships.”

Mollie Sykes, one of Middle Path’s counselors, presented our staff with a more detailed outline of these services. From our perspective at Traverse, DBT is one of the most effective therapy methods out there. The Middle Path offers traditional DBT groups, as well as various other non-traditional experiential groups which incorporate DBT skills including acceptance, mindfulness, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. Middle Path groups meet multiple times a week and fit the Intensive Outpatient Group model. Their services are available for both adolescents and adults, working with select insurance companies to offer more affordable services. I have included their website below if you are interested in learning more about this incredible community resource.

Getting into their program starts with a simple call to: (423) 269-8900

Focus Treatment Centers

Focus Treatment Center is our local hub for eating disorder and substance abuse treatment in Chattanooga, with another location in Knoxville, TN. On their website, Focus shares they use, “experiential therapies (adventure therapy, equestrian, music, art, and movement therapy) along with evidence-based clinical treatment modalities and 24 hour nursing/medical care,” to provide holistic care to those struggling with eating disorders and substance abuse. Focus believes this approach, “honors each person's unique life experiences and seeks to softly reconnect every individual mind, body, and soul.” Focus not only specializes in eating disorders and substance abuse individually, but also, “the combination of these factors, often referred to as ‘dual diagnosis’. Treatment is offered solely for those with eating disorders, solely for those with substance abuse, and for those who struggle with both issues simultaneously.”

Denise Eversole, long time Community Outreach coordinator for Focus, dropped by to speak directly with our staff about their services. Though their blurb above speaks for itself, it is worth noting that this is one of the most solid substance and eating disorder recovery facilities in our part of the state. We have referred many people to their services and have received great feedback. If you would like to learn more, we have included the link for their services below.

Getting help from Focus starts with a phone call to: (800) 675-2041

Monthly Book Recommendation

“The Wounded Healer” by Henri Nouwen is this month’s book recommendation. We highlight this book because it focuses on the importance and purpose of our suffering. It also concludes with inspiration to transform one’s suffering into a helpful service tool. If you do not know about Henri Nouwen, he is an author worth knowing. Nouwen was a catholic priest who, at the height of his success, retired from a renowned academic career to spend the rest of his life assisting those with severe mental disabilities in a community facility. It was during his academic retirement that he wrote some of his most beautiful and honest work. Nouwen has a unique ability to accommodate for the human condition as a whole, embrace suffering, remain grounded, and infuse incredible intelligence while doing so. Walk with him as he sorts through the difficult task of making meaning from our sufferings.

Thoughts for Encouragement

In this single statement, Roosevelt speaks to many levels of human condition, life circumstances, and snap judgments. Check out this brief synopsis and history behind this quote below.

"In today’s world, where image is scrutinized and secrets are eventually revealed to the public, it is questionable whether Franklin D. Roosevelt would be elected president today. People may be more accepting of disabilities, but many still tend to focus on the image of strength combined with a presidential “look” when choosing their president. But the fact is FDR’s disability only strengthened his determination and resolve. He was perhaps a better president as a result of his condition, as it taught him perseverance and gave him a sense of compassion and acceptance for those less fortunate. ‘Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people,’ he said. ‘A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.’” - Elizabeth Street

Connecting with Traverse

If you are ready to start or pick up your journey with counseling, becoming a client at Traverse is as easy as a phone call or email. You can give our office a call at 423.310.8206 or email us at Our office staff will make sure Traverse is a good fit for your needs then secure you an appointment with the appropriate or preferred counselor. It is that simple! We also get your information ahead of time using secure online paperwork submission software. This step allows you to fill out your paperwork from wherever you like, using whatever electronic device you prefer to streamline the intake process. You can find out more about our services at

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