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"Our counselors have been carefully selected for their depth of experience, knowledge, and sincere care for those they serve.  They each have a unique set of strengths, allowing our team to address a diverse range of community needs." 



Individual Counseling. EMDR Trained.



Couples, Family, and Individual Counseling.  



Couples, Family, and Individual Counseling .  EMDR Trained. 





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As a counselor, I empower individuals to overcome obstacles and disturbances in their lives. Feeling stuck and overwhelmed by life’s stressors is normal, and the counseling relationship is a foundational tool for moving in a more intentional, positive direction. I offer unique guidance on life’s “curve balls”, spiritual issues, and processing change, while providing creative ways to reconsider how you interact with the world around you.

We often need a challenge to take control and become unstuck, and my counseling provides that challenge in a safe, empathetic way. In moving forward, we examine past and present issues to gain insight into your current emotional reactions – building a solid foundation for new ways to approach your relationships and place in life. This examination is most effective when infusing counseling services with psychological exploration, aspects of spirituality, personal examination, and incorporation of nature.

In my experience, relational difficulty, anxiety and depression, and processing traumatic events are the most prevalent issues for which my clients seek help. Though this may be a norm, I regularly work with clients experiencing other hardships. I am proud to offer my counseling services in individual or group settings.




IN NETWORK WITH:  Blue Cross Blue Shield, BlueCare, United Health, Cigna, Aetna, Anthem, Beacon, Behavioral Health Systems, First Sun EAP, Optum EAP, AcessOne EAP

Welcome to Traverse Counseling! My name is Leah Stinnett, and I’m so glad you’ve found us. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with individuals and specialize in incorporating a Christian viewpoint into therapy. I love helping clients identify areas of beliefs that go against God’s nature of love, so they can live free of fear and hopelessness!  Most of my clients are young adults and adults. Many clients specifically seek my approach of counseling to work through past emotional hurts, current life changes, college and relational stress, anxiety, depression, and areas of life where they feel stuck.  I've worked with children and teens in the past, but currently, my caseload is extremely limited in accepting new minor clients.

Although I often incorporate Christian values and beliefs into therapy,  I also focus on attachment issues.  Childhood emotional wounds play a critical role in how adults view themselves and the world around them. By working through past wounds, a client can know that regardless of what they learned as a child, they are loved, valuable, important, and worthy.   I accept most major insurances, or you can self pay at a rate of $65 a session. You can call your insurance company to see if I’m in-network.  My heart was built to encourage people. If you’re looking for encouragement during a difficult time, this is the right place for you.

Give therapy a chance. Give me a call. You’ve come this far. Let’s take the next step together!



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As a mental health therapist, I find fulfillment in my role to encourage and walk alongside individuals seeking to reach their goals, conquer life’s challenges, transition into the next chapter of their lives, and find their own lives’ callings and fulfillments. I also recognize that life has many phases and, likewise, feel equally called to journey with individuals seeking to find respite and solace after a storm, direction on when and how to take their first steps after the dust from a previous season has settled, and how to be at peace in the present on the way to where they are going.


My approaches to counseling are biblically rooted and primarily based on the theories of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Attachment Theory, Psychosocial Theory, and Individual Psychology. My background has provided me with extensive experience in providing individuals with coping skills, healthy outlets, resources, and the tools needed to help bring about change.


Through these experiences, I have gotten to work with individuals dealing with a large variety of issues: family issues, academic struggles, marital issues, abuse (physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual), trauma, questions regarding sexuality and religion, work problems, health issues, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, codependency, loss and grief, relationship difficulties, and culture shock. I have also gotten to work with a wide range of both individual- and family-specific circumstances including f split-families, divorce, natural disasters, abusive and sexually traumatic experiences, mental disorders, unstable living environments, economic setbacks, chemical dependency, learning disorders and autism.

Working with individuals of any age in a mental health capacity is what I am passionate about. Seeing up close how the pain and effects of mental illness, substance abuse, trauma and loss and grief of any type can impact people’s lives has not only opened my eyes to areas of major need in our communities, but has also caused me to want to meet that need.


I am committed to making a difference in the lives of people and believe it is my life’s calling to do so. I believe in the power of change and am confident that we can see change brought about in our working together. I would love to get to journey with you through this process as you take the next step from where you are on the way to where you want to be! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at.



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Oftentimes we do not feel heard or understood by others. The therapeutic relationship between a counselor and client can be an opportunity to work through one’s life concerns without receiving judgment or biased advice from the listener.

We all experience differing levels of pain or confusion throughout the lifespan. It is my goal to work alongside individuals and families to provide a service that offers insight and perspective into the causes of unwanted issues that present themselves in various stages of life.

My personal journey and training has enabled me to serve people and treat with varying symptoms. Depression and anxiety, couples work, parenting education, working with the whole family, addictions counseling, mindfulness, and young adult related issues are a few of my areas of focus. If you are willing to take on the challenge of looking inwardly in order to work though life issues I would love to be a part of your journey to find healthy outcomes and solutions to the things that trouble you most.



IN NETWORK WITH:  Blue Cross Blue Shield, BlueCare, United Health, Cigna, Tri-Care, Anthem, First Sun EAP, Optum EAP, AcessOne EAP

Many times in life we are faced with challenges that we did not expect or even see coming. We may not have the personal experience or the background to know how to handle or cope with the situation. It may involve a life change or a lot of emotional pain. We may feel that our life will never be the same. Sometimes we may feel that our life is over. We may not know what the next move needs to be. Maybe we just need an environment where we can work through the emotional pain. Maybe it is time to get a
new direction in life.


As a mental health therapist I like to get to know people and understand how they think. I like to learn about their background and where they came from. Once this has been established we can better understand the challenges that are facing them. We can work together to find a solution that will better change their life. Although the process can be difficult at times it is an opportunity for growth.

For the past sixteen years I have worked with adults struggling with issues in individual, couples or group therapy. This may involve using techniques to be able to see things differently or a better understanding of who we are. Sometimes we just need someone to listen as we process what is going on in our life. It is my goal to offer support and guidance to individuals as they learn how to cope with life’s challenges. It takes courage to ask for help. But remember seeking help from a counselor is like taking a class or getting help from a friend. Many times we try to get help from others in life, but they may not be trained to help. Maybe it is time to get help from someone that has been trained and has a passion to help. If you are having trouble with changes in life or just want to make a change, give me a call at Traverse Counseling to set up an appointment.




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